Remember a while back when I shot those two raccoons that had been eating the turkeys?

Remember how they had eaten two of the turkeys?

I found the remains of part of one of the turkeys, a white one. The other turkey was a brown one that I just assumed was entirely eaten. This was at the beginning of the summer.

A few days ago, I was driving home. I had to stop for a turkey crossing the road. It was about a half mile east of home. This is common. Except- this turkey was not with a group of turkeys. It was all alone. And it didn't look like all of the wild turkeys. It was brown, and damned if it didn't look like that brown turkey I thought was eaten by the raccoons!


"That's damned good coffee."

I guess most people try to quit drinking coffee. I don't know why. I, however, just started drinking coffee this past year. Fist one cup a day, then two, then three. It's wonderful.

And also, Twin Peaks.

Fashion It So

Dress uniform:

I'm really all about this blog, Fashion It So. This is a blog where they criticize and compliment the various fashions from that old TV show, Star Trek, The Next Generation. It's really funny. Especially if you have seen every episode of Star Trek, the Next Generation more than once. I know exactly which episode they are writing about, without re-watching anything. I can even correct their errors- although I'm satisfied to note that there are two writers, and they correct one another so I don't have to. Yes, I am a geek. Really really a geek.

Something I very much enjoy is that the authors think that Jean-Luke Picard is hot. And so do I.

And haven't you ever admired Whoopi Godberg's hat? I mean, seriously. How could you not?

I've been reading this blog a lot, reading back entries, everything. It's a fun way to defragment my brain after a half day with the volatile and insecure teenagers.

An almost disturbing thing has started happening, though. I saw a coworker I don't much enjoy yesterday, and my mind sort of went like this,

"Oh my god. I can't believe she wore that for the first day of school. Okay for a Packer game, but seriously? And it's half tucked in. That hairstyle is truly 1985..."

And then I was laughing to myself. Which is actually a good thing. Except I was laughing at someone else's expense, except that she didn't know, except isn't it just malicious?

Anyway, I still enjoy the blog. Even if it does make me think un-nice thoughts.

When Teenagers Overheat

Something odd happened on the first day of school today. It was excessively warm here in Wisconsin. In my classroom, it was between 90-95 f with a humidity level of 80-90 percent. The custodians gave us a giant fan, but it was too loud to leave it on. We couldn't hear anything. I plunged through the lesson plan, which was an outline of the class, mostly rules and procedures. They listened for the most part politely, but as soon as I went over the procedure for visiting the drinking fountain, 3,078 people signed out to use the drinking fountain. I don't know how this was possible in a class of twenty, but there you have it.

Tomorrow, it's supposed to be even hotter.