Farmers Market

I went to the farmer's market today to sell my chicken. I spent two hours on this sign:

Cheryl, who sells vegetables, spent two minutes on her sign:

Guess who sold more food? 

Next time, I'll spend less time on the sign!

The highlight of the day was a surprise visit from Marsha and Baxter the Dog. She even made us a key lime pie. And cookies. Yummmmmm.

Flying over Tennessee

This is supposed to be someone flying over a small town on the edge of the forest. Can you even tell what it is?

Tufa Mysteries

More for this coloring book of the Tufa, which still has no official name! How about "Tufa Mysteries"? No. Do you have any suggestions for what a coloring book of the Tufa might be called? Something music related would be good.

You haven't seen much action here because: 
A. Children, or even just one child, take way more attention than I remembered from last summer.
B. The downstairs of our house flooded after five inches of rain over one night, and that required A LOT of cleanup.
C. My hand was still troubling me a bit.
D. It was hard to stay in the swing of things and keep chaos at bay during the first week of summer.
E. We took off to Lake Michigan! Beautiful Illinois! It was seriously nice. Impromptu break while things dried out with high power industrial fans and dehumidifiers going non stop. 
F. I did manage this one drawing, at least. 

Um pequeno vacação

I'm not entirely sure what that title means. I've been learning Portuguese on the phone app Duolingo. I think I'm learning Portuguese, but without testing it in Portugal, it's hard to say. I could be learning a rhinoceros dialect of Swahili. Or just a made up language, like someone just made up a language and gave away a free app that teaches it to you- who knows? I'm trying to say I need a little break.

I have friends visiting this is extended weekend, and I feel I need to take a break from the drawings. The stitches in my hand come out Monday morning. The friends leave town Monday morning. I think Monday afternoon is a fortuitous time to resume a drawing every day. (I drew some horses yesterday, but they are awful.)

In the mean time, I've delved a bit into getting annoyed by stupid crap on the Internet. Some idiot wrote that women over thirty can't wear *these twenty-four things (an article which I won't link to, because then you would visit it) and I created a totally reactionary Facebook group, which you are welcome to join! (Even if you are an eighteen year old man, it's okay! Join up!)

Related: here I am wearing blue eyeshadow:

* Things women over thirty supposedly can't wear: Scrunchies, Abercrombie and Fitch, Platform Flip-Flops, Glitter Eyeshadow, Cheap Bras, Old Sneakers, Booty Shorts, American Eagle, Crop Tops, Overalls, Mini-Skirts, Short Dresses, Tube Tops, Furry Anything, Furry Boots, Hoop Earrings, Non-Matching Socks, Oversized Sunglasses, Sparkly Pants, Leopard Print, Victoria's Secret PINK, Blue Eyeshadow, Bedazzled Anything, and Graphic Tees. I know I don't post a lot of selfies, but you know this is pretty much all I wear, ever.  I also have one black teeshirt. And a pair of leather sandals.

Getting Groceries with Murgatroyd

The hand is feeling better, now. Stitches out next week.

This is for the children's book I'm illustrating, "Murgatroyd Buttercups."

Buy one, get one free deal on black spiders, hurry!