Coloring the Night Winds

Night Winds Tufa ColoringAnother for the Tufa Coloring Book:


  1. She walks these hills
    In a long black veil
    She visits my grave
    When the night winds wail

    Your picture is happier than that, but still it reminded me...

    1. That's uncanny. I was thinking about that song when I drew this. I have chills.

    2. Specifically, I was having an email back and forth with Alex Bledsoe about songs that remind me of the Tufa, and he sent me an email, and I stopped drawing to look at it, and the email said, "Don't forget Long Black Veil," and then I went back to drawing. But I was actually thinking about how I wasn't sure what he meant, like I wasn't sure how Long Black Veil fit into this scheme of things. Just drawing and pondering. I guess it came through!

  2. Best Tufa yet. Your hand must be feeling better!