Getting My Goat

Bad Assed Husband wants to get a goat. He's recently figured out how to make his own cheese. That's why.

I'm eating the cheese. It's good cheese. It still cost money, though, because the milk came from the supermarket.

He points out that we are large consumers of dairy. This, I have to admit, is true. The up side of having a dairy goat would be that the milk would not cost anything, just like the eggs don't cost anything.

We've already built a fence.

I'm worried that a goat might eat the fruit trees.

Also, oh, I don't know. It's a goat.

It's just a goat.

Am I prejudiced?

I've already got thirteen chickens, three turkeys, two indoor cats, one outdoor cat, three tropical fish, and one child to care for. (Actually, BAH takes care of the fish.) What's a goat, really?

And then BAH points out, "If we don't like having a goat, we can always just eat it!"

I have eaten goat at some local Indian restaurants. I'm not sure I could slaughter a goat, though. I am hesitant to get a goat.

Update: BAH took care of the chickens and turkeys this evening, so it is not always up to me. And a fine job he did.

Clothes Pins

That's "my" cat!

Teresa seems to be happy that I named a cat after her. She blogged about it!

The quotation marks are because, let's face it, outdoor cats don't belong to anyone but themselves.

This reminds me of a story... of course.

When I was a kid, two doors down, there lived a little boy named Timmy. Timmy had all of the toys in the world inside his garage. Timmy was not actually the nicest kid, but occasionally, all of the neighborhood kids would go over there, just to play with his toys.

I objected to this, on principle. A play companion should be judged by the content of his character, not the size of his toy closet! In protest, I would go inside my house and refuse to participate. I would refuse, that is, until one of my friends came over and asked me to come outside and play again. Once I saw I was missed, the temptation was too great. I had to go out and play again, even if it had to be in Timmy's garage.

That's pretty much what just happened here.

Thanks to this web site with a naughty name for posting the photo!

Out of the Closet Again


You don't have to sign in anymore to see this.

I got all private when some things happened at work that worried me. It was long ago now. A different job. I miss the old random visitors.

Mostly, though, I just made it public again because I got this note from Vlad (Teresa's henchman):

I received an inquiry about your blog. Thought I'd pass it on.
Tom is a nice person...

Hi Teresa (& Vlad),

I'm curious about "cellar door" in the childhood pics. I used to look at a blog titled something to the effect of "report from minion #[some number]" which I thought was produced by her (cellar door). I stumbled on it via Duffy's blog link and enjoyed it very much, but it suddenly was no longer available (except to approved viewers, I think) and I wondered what happened to it. I told Duffy about it and he removed the link from his blog. Do you have any info on or contact with her or are you able to see her blog? I'm wondering if, thru you, I could gain entry to it (if it still exists)?

Just a shot in the dark.


Gosh. That made me sad. I suddenly regretted being private.

So, here's what I did: I deleted a bunch of things that had pictures of me. I deleted all work references. I'm open to suggestions for other things you think I ought to delete. I'm trying to be a little bit more anonymous. I don't need to blog about work, anyway.

So, I hope Tom is reading this! Welcome back, Tom!