Getting My Goat

Bad Assed Husband wants to get a goat. He's recently figured out how to make his own cheese. That's why.

I'm eating the cheese. It's good cheese. It still cost money, though, because the milk came from the supermarket.

He points out that we are large consumers of dairy. This, I have to admit, is true. The up side of having a dairy goat would be that the milk would not cost anything, just like the eggs don't cost anything.

We've already built a fence.

I'm worried that a goat might eat the fruit trees.

Also, oh, I don't know. It's a goat.

It's just a goat.

Am I prejudiced?

I've already got thirteen chickens, three turkeys, two indoor cats, one outdoor cat, three tropical fish, and one child to care for. (Actually, BAH takes care of the fish.) What's a goat, really?

And then BAH points out, "If we don't like having a goat, we can always just eat it!"

I have eaten goat at some local Indian restaurants. I'm not sure I could slaughter a goat, though. I am hesitant to get a goat.

Update: BAH took care of the chickens and turkeys this evening, so it is not always up to me. And a fine job he did.


  1. Goats are a lot of fun. You should get two, a nanny goat and a billy goat.

  2. Don't forget, goats will eat anything even your poison oak if you've got any! :o)

  3. Does poison oak make them sick?

  4. Re: goats, no, in CA folks hire out their goats to browse in near- inaccessible poison oak-laden canyons to decimate its growth. It's like magic!

  5. I've seen them clearing steep hillsides of brush around here. The thing is, I like my young saplings!