Tufa Mysteries

More for this coloring book of the Tufa, which still has no official name! How about "Tufa Mysteries"? No. Do you have any suggestions for what a coloring book of the Tufa might be called? Something music related would be good.

You haven't seen much action here because: 
A. Children, or even just one child, take way more attention than I remembered from last summer.
B. The downstairs of our house flooded after five inches of rain over one night, and that required A LOT of cleanup.
C. My hand was still troubling me a bit.
D. It was hard to stay in the swing of things and keep chaos at bay during the first week of summer.
E. We took off to Lake Michigan! Beautiful Illinois! It was seriously nice. Impromptu break while things dried out with high power industrial fans and dehumidifiers going non stop. 
F. I did manage this one drawing, at least.