Mindless Minion Shrugged

There was this van that used to drive around Durango, Colorado, when I was in college. There were many unique vehicles there at the time. This one had giant letters on the back.The letters were large and reflective and they said,


And then today I saw this. Same person? I will never know.

They made a movie of Atlas Shrugged! Well, actually, two movies. Holy cow. Could anything be worse?

We currently have a copy of The Philosophy of Ayn Rand holding up a chifferobe with a missing foot. It's very useful.

Of course, Atlas Shrugged is quite powerful. Moving, really. With a slight touch of modestly and ambiguous fortitude.

I jest. Have you read it? It's full of phrases like, "his eyebrow twitched with a hint of bashful sensuality, as clearly he detested her amorous rigidity." (Only much, much longer.) It made no sense at all. Yet, the moral was quite clear: um... unscrupulously she built a railroad and made lots of money but didn't because the one she loved was... um...

Well, damn, just read the book.

Although you really shouldn't, because everyone who does becomes a complete jerk for a few months, and then usually gets over it. Then you move on to Dostoyevsky.


  1. So, I got this great, brand-new-like copy of Howard Zinn's Peoples History of the U.S., and lo! Written on the title page was something like, "Don't read this book! It is liberal propaganda! Read Ayn Rand ..." blah blah blah. Personally, I love liberal propaganda ...

  2. "Liberal Propaganda" is actually my middle name.