Another Beautiful Day In Wisconsin

Having lived in both California and Wisconsin, I believe that people in Wisconsin spend much more time outdoors. That's because you expect it to be nice out in California, so you take it for granted. But in Wisconsin, every beautiful day, we say,

"It's a beautiful day! Let's go out and enjoy it! I'm not spending a moment inside today! We've got to go outside today, because pretty soon it will be so freakin' cold that we will never be able to go outside again. We have to enjoy the last nice day." We lament horrific obligations that deny us enjoying the weather, like going to work. And then, inevitably, there are 132 last nice days. And we've been out enjoying every last one of them!

Meanwhile, in California, I'd be sitting inside watching movies all day, baking cookies, and looking nonchallantly out the window now and then at the perfect weather I'd come to expect as my birthright.

Okay, maybe not that bad, but still. It's funny. This weekend is the tenth "last weekend of summer" I've had this year. There's no problem with that, of course.

And yeah, the picture has nothing to do with the content! It's my blog and I'll do what I want to!

I had to start posting again, because Jen's Dad was harassing me. (His texts are surprisingly mellow, almost hippie-like in nature.) (Hi, Mr. Golden! )

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