Are you my mother?

A few days ago, I had my friend Amelia over with her dog Henny Penny. We were taking a picture of Amelia to enter into this contest. [She was like, "Do you want to wrap me in plastic and make me up like a dead Laura Paulmer and take my picture?" and I was like, "HELL, YEAH I WANT TO WRAP YOU IN PLASTIC AND MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A DEAD LAURA PAULMER AND TAKE YOUR PICTURE! THAT IS DEFINITELY MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME!"] This is the picture I took of Amelia to enter into the Twin Peaks contest:

Yes, this is what we do for a good time in the country.

Meanwhile, Henny Penny the dog was running around, enjoying farm life, and bit one of our chickens on the butt! Amelia was really, really apologetic. The hen was bleeding just a little bit, and really freaked out, so I put her inside the barn with our four little two week old chickens, thinking she wouldn't get hurt anymore.

Now, the hen is feeling better, but she has another sort of pain in the butt:

The little chicks think she is Mama. She is so annoyed, always trying to run away, but there's nowhere to go. Her life is changed forever.

Meanwhile, Henny Penny nearly poked her eye out while playing frisbee, and now Henny Penny must wear the cone of shame:

It's that instant karma, Henny Penny. It'll get you every time.


  1. You and Amelia should WIN! We were just talking about TP today. I was wishing Agent Cooper would stop by and give me some personal assistance.

  2. That picture is BAD ASS! Definitely should win. And now I'm nostalgic.

  3. How 'bout this chicken, Shoshana:

    Maybe you should get into the chicken bidness!

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  5. I have been away too long! I so admire this blog and all of the wonderful, inspiring entries. You are my inspiration!
    I'm starting a new blog for the band and hope I can be as faithful in my writings as you are.
    P.S. I agree with Christina-that picture IS BAD ASS!