We went to the EAA air show in Oshkosh today. It is a huge big deal. Lots of amazing aeronautic feats! It was amazing!

Although I was slightly distracted by this red haired lady in front of me.
She should be wearing sun block! What is the deal here? Has she not lived in this body her entire life? Should I offer her some of my sunblock? No, no. That would be awkward, and it's clearly already too late! Way too late! Ooh that's going to hurt tonight! Why? Why didn't she wear sunblock? For the love of Gid, why?

Oh, hey, the airshow was really great, too. Jets, explosions, crazy tricks. So. Cool.

But lots of people didn't wear sunblock. I saw pink necks, pink backs, one poor girl with a pink forehead! 

I mean, people. Really. 

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  1. Hey, my uncle was at that same show! I'll ask my aunt if he wore sunblock.