The Dowager Stout or Confusion About Beer

The following is a trivial conversation between two married people about trivial issues. It is trivial. Sorry to bother you. Excuse me. I will now go into my secret *beer cave with the Dowager Countess Stout- no relation.

Me: What was the kind of beer I was supposed to get? Dowager Stout?

Bad Ass Husband: What?

Me: Was it Dowager Stout or Derringer Stout?

BAH: What?

Me: Dowager? Stout? The kind of beer you like?

BAH: It was Imperial Stout. But Dowager Stout sounds good. Who is the Dowager Stout?

Me: I think it would be more correct to say, "Who is the stout dowager"?

BAH: Not if it's her name. What if her name were "The Dowager Stout"?

Me: Any self-respecting woman whose name was "Stout" would change it.

BAH: Not the Dowager Stout! She wouldn't change it! She is the Dowager Stout. That's who she is. She isn't changing her name.

Me: Well, no, I guess the Dowager Stout wouldn't change her name, would she?

BAH: Never.

She might wear a corset, though.

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* In case you are wondering, yeah, I did buy some beer. Imperial Stout.