Five Things I Love About the Olympics

1. It's all over so quickly! No long term commitments required. The longest things seem to take under an hour. Compare that with football? Months and months of Monday nights? It's just no contest! 

2. It's easy to know whom to root for. Look for your country's flag on the uniform. (Don't know what your country's flag looks like? Go, Iceland!)

3. The commenters are terrible! Just tonight, I've heard the following comments:

"She's like an octagon." (He either said "octagon" or "ottoman", neither really applies to Beach volleyball, but whatever! These are professionals.)

"Your neck strangles with every stroke! That's doing it right."  Yep, that's swimming! A strangle with every stroke. 

"That was a most dangerous move!" Referring to a volleyball player hitting the ball. 

4. The interviews are calming in their predictability. 

Reporter: "What was your plan tonight?"

Athlete: "I wanted to win the gold medal."

Reporter: "How do the results so far effect your strategy here at the Olympics?"

Athlete: "I want to win the gold medal."

Reporter: "So, who do you think will win here tonight?"

Athlete: "I was kind of hoping I would win?"

5. I love the older athletes. My favorite is Oksana Chusovitina.


  1. Octopus makes more sense. Arms everywhere to dig the ball.

  2. I thought he said,"automaton."

    1. Aha! That might be it. That actually makes some sense.