Another List

* Yesterday, while at the park with Little Z, we overheard a group of old people having a picnic. They were really enjoying each others' company. It was nice. They were dressed like farmers- old guys in straw hats and overalls, women in pedal pushers. I caught this tidbit, right before they all laughed uproariously,

"Like when you come back from the eye doctor and you look like you've been doing coke for a month!"

Old people just aren't what they used to be.

* I got a message on my cell phone today from three weeks ago, while I was on vacation. Today I got this message from three weeks ago. It was a job offer. Luckily, they also tried me at home after I got back from vacation, and I accepted the job. I bought a new cell phone today.

* This computer has la grippe. With no warning, it comes up with a black and white message in several languages that I need to restart my computer. This happens all the time, randomly.

* The people at the human resources office of my new job are the kindest people I've ever met.

* School starts September first. I think it's a law in Wisconsin that it cannot begin before September first. In these north lands, we appreciate the summer time. I love Wisconsin.

* My daughter is a master of the obvious, or M.O. for short. She suddenly can talk about anything and everything, so she practices by stating the mundane,

"You making dinner!"
"You go potty?"
"I play with toys!"
"That a big bird."

"Who dat?" she says instead of "Why". When I explain things to her, she makes me think about how the world works. She also talks constantly about how much she loves certain foods, but she rarely eats much. Sometimes, when I'm hungry, she offers me pretend food. Pretend food has no calories, but it's not especially filling.


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  1. Congrats on your new job! The only way my teaching job could be better would be if it were part-time (with full-time pay, naturally). Hope you enjoy the best of both worlds! Well, three worlds at least: parent, work, farmer ...