A List!!!

1. I found a teaching job! Locally! Part time, so I can farm, too! So exciting. I start in a week and a half. Little Z starts preschool full time in two weeks. This is not a coincidence.

2. Little Z followed me around with a stick of deodorant yesterday, saying, "You stinky? You stinky?"

3. We are breeding the chickens! We put "The Gentle Giant" (you're not supposed to name them) in with the best layers to make super large super egg laying super gentle chickens! I shall keep you posted.

4. We are still getting sheep, it just takes a long time to build a fence for them, because it's really really really really really really hard work to build a big fence!!! Our fence shall be 1042 feet long, not counting the gate.

5. We just got back from Colorado, and Little Z turned three there. She's three!!! She walks, she talks, she pees in the toilet. My little girl. All grown up. Starting preschool. Booya.

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  1. Such excitement! Congratulations on several fronts!!!!