The Party

We got a phone call at 6:50 AM. It was the bakery calling,
"When are you coming to pick up the cake?" Here's the cake,

The party went off without a hitch. It was half country kids and half city kids. You could tell who was who and which was which, because all the country kids peed in the yard in full view of the world.

I'll let you guess which group Little Z joined, by process of elimination.


  1. They peed... in your yard????

    (I'll let you guess what group I belong to by process of elimination.)

  2. Negative.

    In Pittsburgh, my grandparents lived next to this guy named Benny, his wife and they may have had kids at some point. They were about my grandparents age. The wife was somewhere between crazy and a bit, um, slow. Benny was just a redneck. He literally wore stained trousers and a wife beater tank top all the time. It used to drive my grandfather crazy that Benny would come outside in the yard to pee on the side of his house instead of going upstairs to use the toilet. And this was a fairly nice neighborhood in Pittsburgh too.

  3. 2-3 year olds are a different story, though.

  4. Peeing is itself a process of elimination.