Logical Bathing Activities

For reasons I won't go into, I ended up wading out in Lake Mendota, fully clothed, accompanied by an almost-three-year-old in her underpants. When we got home, I felt the need to bathe in some clean water. I told Little Z,

"I need a bath."

"Okay. I give you bath," she said.

We used to read her stories in the bath (before she started taking showers), so she went and got a book to read to me in the bathtub. I bathed, and she stood next to the bath with her book. She opened to the first page of a book about desert animals, facing it to herself, so all I could see was the cover.

"This is a coyote," she said. She turned the page (without showing me the picture). "This a kitty cat." Page turn. "This a snake."She looked at a few more pages with no comments. "All done! I get other book."

A minute later, she was back with a new one.

"This a book about fishies," she declared.

"Oh, nice!" I said, washing my hair.

She flipped through her book, looking very closely at each page. It took about three minutes.

"I done reading book to you!" she declared.

Guess I didn't learn much about fishies. Darn.

She put the book away and came back. She threw a bunch of stuff in the tub with me,

"You need toys! This your boat," she said, pointing to a cup. I played with the toys a little, stacking one boat inside another. "No!" she said, taking the one cup out of the other, "Boat stay in the water!"


So. I'm not sure why this warrants a blog post, but there you have it. Life with an almost-three-year-old.

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