Sentimental (not an entry for vegetarians)

We met some people at a party a few days ago who were a lot like us. They have a little farm where they raise chickens and vegetables. They have one little girl. They told us about when they first got the chickens,

"We named them all, of course," said the woman. She was very pretty and sweet. I was thinking about how all the books say not to name them, because then they are pets and you can't kill them, but what she said next was, "And then, when we slaughtered them, we put their names on the freezer bags, so we knew which one we were eating when we cooked them up! We wanted to know."

I hope we run across those folks again sometime.


  1. The Husband says that's how his family labeled the freezer meats, too.

    However, about raising that little girl on the farm...
    Those are good eatin'?

    ::snorts and runs away::

  2. Huh. So far, I think your husband is an interesting guy. Actually, did I just meet you and your husband at Ella's birthday party? No. Never mind.

    about the little girl- there's a Far Side cartoon, "Bob grew up on a farm"- my dad had the tee shirt...

  3. When I was a kid we had pigs, and we named them Bacon, Pork Chop, Sausage, and Miss Piggy. Guess which one we ate?
    She was delicious!

  4. I think that's a lovely thing to do. I have more of a problem with the whole 'pink stuff in breadcrumbs' thing.

    Incidentally I spent a few days chopping up and skinning day old chick corpses to feed to birds of prey. Did you know they still have yolk in their abdomen? They are like a soft boiled chick when they come out of the egg. Still developing.