I had a job interview a while back. On the way there, the car was in the shop and I had a loaner, which had the seat heater on, and I didn't know how to turn it off. I was blazing hot in my interview outfit, sweating buckets by the time I walked in.

During the interview, I became progressively more uncomfortable by the lack of facial expressions or words or really any reaction (except for scribbling) from the three interviewers. Actually, the man asking the questions did crack a few smiles, but only carefully when asking the questions, not when I answered them. The two women were completely emotionless. I told lots of stories, trying to give them an idea of the kind of person I am to work with, and they just didn't react. At all.

I wonder if they were truly writing down what I said? Maybe they weren't even hiring. Maybe they just had a competition to see who had the best poker face, and I was their prop. Maybe they were furiously taking notes like this,

"Rick moved his eyebrow. - 2 points."

"Jan nodded slightly. - 12 points."

"Rick moved his eyebrow again! - 4 points (repeat offender)."

They probably had a hidden video camera, too, and they'll watch the video over and over and laugh hysterically at my expense.

I didn't get that job. That's okay. I did figure out how to turn off the seat heater.


  1. Welcome to the world of radio!
    Speaking and sharing and getting no response whatsoever!

    Only you got to see your audience...


  2. Is early retirement an option? I can recommend it. :o)

  3. Roses- I never thought of it that way before! You never do see your audience. I always wonder if I'm in your audience, when I hear some witty lady on the radio.

    Oroboros- Not really an option right now. I'm only thirty-six. Maybe when I'm forty.