Mandatory Empathy Time

I have to have some empathy for someone over the holidays, and then write a paper about it. Really. No joke. It's for my mentor class, which is a class I have to take for my job.


I guess I have to be nice to one of you.


Cry on my shoulder! It's free! I'm here!

And you know I'm genuine, of course. I shall mentor you!


  1. Hm, I already finished my shopping and I just won $20 on a lottery ticket. I guess I don't have much to cry over. I do have a touch of blogger's block, but that would be the type of thing you could sympathize with, not empathize. Um, I have a hangnail? Honestly though, it's not even a bad hangnail.

  2. Are you sure? Doesn't it hurt terribly?

  3. How about us? You are SO much farther along the sustainable living path ...
    Yes, we would so definitely love some empathy for Christmas. It just might be our favorite gift!