And I would walk 500 miles...

I'm 37 now.

Or, maybe I'm 47.

I look great for 47, don't I?

That's because I'm 37.


Gina's hat is still sitting in the closet. Knitted for her birthday, first week of February. February? Damn.

If you teach a fish to climb a tree, he won't climb a tree, he'll feel like an idiot. But if you teach a fish to swim, well, there's another thing entirely. What the heck was I meant to do? Am I a fish climbing trees, or learning the doggy paddle?

10,000 hours, someone told me today. You do anything 10,000 hours, you're an expert.

I'm going at this teaching thing very slowly, then. I only really teach ten hours a week. I need a thousand weeks of this, then. Twenty years? Wow. It's going to be a while. Although, I do have prior experience.

What kinds of things do I actually have 10,000 hours of experience doing, I wonder?

1. Sleeping, for sure.
2. Watching TV. I'm an expert at that.
3. Being a student.
4. Walking.
5. Reading.
6. Talking to people.
7. Talking to myself.
8. Cleaning.
9. Despairing, in general.
10. Daydreaming.
11. Writing? This is possible. I'm not entirely sure, as writing is usually recorded in pages or words rather than hours spent.
12. Eating.
13. _________________________________

What do you have 10,000 hours of experience doing?


  1. You made me a hat? Yay! When did you learn to knit?

    I am right there with you on several of these things. I think the one I am the most expert at is probably despairing, sadly enough.

  2. I learned to knit about five years ago. I think the hat is actually crocheted, but the matching muffler is knitted. Wouldn't you like to see it?

    Seriously, I'm putting it in the mail today!

    There's a story about learning to knit... for another blog post!

  3. You know that song, right? I Would Walk 500 Miles, by the Proclaimers. Love it! On the slim chance you weren't riffing it, check it out on youtube.

  4. That song was one of those that I got hooked on before it was famous. Then I felt cheated, somehow, that the whole world loved him later.

    It's kind of like my tattoos. I could do another blog post on this phenomena! How, when you like something because it's unique, but then everyone likes it, it cheapens the whole experience, somehow.

    I still love the song, though.