Things to Make You Less Afraid

When I was in high school, I used to always picture my teachers naked. It wasn't because I was a pervert or because I really wanted to know what they looked like naked; it just made me less afraid of them.

Now that I'm a teacher, I like to remind myself that my students are a bit like drunkards. That makes me less afraid of them. And, the fact is, they are a bit like drunks. They act in many ways like adults, but then they have huge discrepancies in the impulse control category- just like drunkards. Emotionally, teenagers are completely erratic. You can have an argument with them one day that disturbs you so much you think about it all night, and when you go to apologize or talk about it with them the next day, they might not even remember the argument ever happened. Sometimes, in the middle of the school year, they become a completely different person, for no reason you can see at all- again, like a person on drugs or alcohol.

I would go on, but my three year old is asking me if I know how to make honey, like a bee.

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