Baby Dinosaurs, Pterodactyl Dreams, and Pet Lions (Yes, an entry about Little Z)

A couple of months ago, Little Z became a baby dinosaur. She just started saying it, "I a baby dinosaur." When she dresses in her bumblebee costume, and you say,

"What a cute bumblebee you are!" She'll say,

"I not a bumblebee. I a baby dinosaur dressed in a bumblebee costume."

Of course.

She also has these butterfly wings that I bought for her after Halloween for less than a dollar. She puts them on and "flies" around the house. At this point, she generally specifies that she is not only a baby dinosaur but,

"These are my wings because I a Pterodactyl."

So, don't tell her, but I just learned from the Dinosaur Time Machine that Pterodactyls are not actually considered to be dinosaurs, but rather flying reptiles. Let's not worry about details, though. I mean, flying reptiles- I haven't see any around lately, have you? It seems pretty close to a dinosaur. And, of course, she's three. Three and a half, that is.

Where does she get this stuff, anyway? I think we may have one very thin, silly little book about dinosaurs in the house, and there are no Pterodactyls in it.

I've had a thing for Pterodactyls, myself, ever since my aunt had a band called, "Wingfinger". My journal from my teenaged years was titled, "Pterodactyl Dreams." But I never told Little Z that! Where did she get this obsession with Pterodactyls?


We did figure out today where the name for her little (imaginary) sister Sally came from. Herbert the Lion. The little girl who loves her pet lion is named Sally. Little Z carried the book over to me today and said,

"Let's read Sally's book."

"Is this about your sister Sally?"

"Yes, that's Sally's book!"

Then, it turned out that she named the cat "Tigery- because it for Sally! We share with it. Sally need a Tiger, and we got Tigery!"

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  1. Little Z is very kind, sharing with her imaginary sister.