Those &%%^#$%#^&& Turkeys!

Tonight was "girls night", meaning BAH went out and Little Z and I were at home. I put her to bed. I said,

"I have to go outside for about ten minutes, while I put the turkeys and chickens to bed."

"But they don't need blankets!"

"No. They just need me to shut the door so the raccoons don't eat them. I'll be ten minutes. God natt. Sov gott."

Ten minutes. Ha!

I went out and shut the chickens in, as usual. But those turkeys!

They were half of them in the Bioturkey 3000, half of them outside of the fence and not knowing how to get back in!

The ones inside the turkey house were gobbling away at the ones outside the fence, and the ones outside the fence were gobbling away saying, in Turkish (of course),

"We don't know how to get back in! How do we get back in? Oh no oh no oh no oh no but how do we get back in?"

Oh, for the love of god, I thought, these turkeys! These ridiculous turkeys! How did they ever get out? And why?

The turkey house is pretty far from the gate. I went back to the gate and then back around, outside the fence, to the turkeys outside.

They seem to view me as their mamma, so initially, I just opened the gate and called them. They all came running, until... there was this point where they couldn't hear their friends in the Bioturkey 3000 anymore, so they turned around and ran back! And then we were back where we started again.

Well, this wouldn't do at all. The turkeys had to go in for the night!

So, I walked over, and picked one up and threw it inside the fence. One down, five to go. But the other five didn't want to let me throw them inside the fence! Turkeys land fine, being birds, but they were scared of me then.

So, I took another approach. I decided to act really scary. I ran after them, towards the open fence. Four out of the five started running. So then I had to run for quite a stretch to that fence! But it was okay. It turned out I can still run. Who knew?

I shut in the four who ran into the fence when I ran like a bat out of hell after them.

Now there was one left.

It kept trying to just run through the fence. Is this how it escaped? I have no idea. I came up behind it when its head was caught and picked it up. Then I threw it over the fence.

After that, it was necessary to wait until they all calmed down and went inside the Bioturkey 3000. Then, finally, I could shut the door for the night. I counted them. All eleven were home.

Dude. All this for Thanksgiving dinner, for us and a few of our friends. I don't know!

They are a bit funny, I have to admit.

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  1. I can picture you trying to be scary to those poor things. It would make me laugh, but you probably terrified them. Birds are so high-strung!But they are delicious, so there's that.