A Very Good Year

It's turning out to be a very good year for gardening. Little Z and I were just out picking strawberries for an hour or so. The whole time, I had this terrible song going through my head, "A Very Good Year," which I think may have been a Sinatra number originally? Anyway, the version in my mind was William Shatner singing it. It's already a horrific, misogynistic, sappy, rich boy growing old freak fest, and then you Shatnerize it, and it is... just awful. Just. Awful. Just. Awful.

But there it was, in my head for an hour, strawberry after strawberry.

Sorry I haven't posted much lately. It's just, you know. It's a very good year. It's hard to write about good things. All the meat is in the disasters.

This song is just so terribly wonderful. Forget everything I said. I love it.

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