The Annual Cutting of the Sheep's Hair

I use scissors to cut the sheep's wool. Those electric cutters sort of scare me- though I hear they drown out the swearing pretty well.

It comes off in big bunches that look and feel like blankets, but if you pull just a little, it all falls apart.
It feels like the best stuff in the world. After a day of sheering, your hands are smooth as a baby's bottom. That's the lanolin. It doesn't feel like processed wool at all. No itch!

The end result is a sheep who looks like a goat. She wouldn't win any beauty pageants, but I don't know why they have beauty pageants for sheep, anyway. It's not good for their sense of self worth.

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  1. The film There Are a Million Ways to Die in the West has lots of keen sheep jokes! Czech it out. :o)