Sheep on the Run!

I don't go to a gym, because of stuff like this. When we went to get the ram and send him home, we hoisted him into the truck, and Sevilla the sheep was standing  just inside the fence, and it wasn't latched, and I think Sevilla thought we were sending her away, too, and she bolted! So this was my workout today, a dance I call: Catch That Sheep!
Out, but not sure what she should do now.
Please do not pick up hitchhikers in this area. Thank you. 
Looking at her friends, in the pasture (not shown). 
It was a little bit if a problem: she seemed to want to be with her friends, but if I opened the gate for her to go in, they would all come out, and that would be an even bigger problem. I tried to lure her with corn, but she didn't trust me. After walking around the barn several times, I finally opened the gate to another pasture. Then I left her alone for awhile, hoping she didn't just run away. (I was following the thought that she needed to be alone to make a decision. I know she's a sheep, but she seems to have emotions and make decisions on her own, Sevilla does. She doesn't just follow the crowd, like a sheep. Also, she's probably pregnant, so she's dealing with a lot of emotions right now.) 

Well, I left her alone, and I came back, and she had gone into the pasture. Yay! This was after an hour of chasing her. I gave her a big pile of corn, I was so relieved. 
Silly sheep.

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