All the Little Creatures, Living and Dead

One of yesterday's lambs died last night! I was worried about it, yesterday, because it seemed so small and weak. But it was nursing, so it seemed okay. I called a friend who has lots of sheep, and he thought the lamb (whom we had already named "Chong") would be fine. He even came over and looked at it, picked it up, checked it out. And then I was worried that its mother was ignoring it, but last I went and checked on them, she was licking its head. So I thought it would be fine. Mama was taking care of Chong. And then in the morning, it was dead.

I'm all torn up about it. I should have bottle fed it a little bit, and taken it in for the night. But I have heard of them giving birth in the dead of winter when the temperature is in the negatives, on the ice, with this breed... so I thought the little lamb Chong would be fine. Hindsight is golden.

We still have five pregnant lambs.

The thing about it is, it was actually triplets, and one just never was alive. So triplets are risky business, I suppose. It's hard for them all to be healthy.

I really hope my daughter doesn't take it too hard. She named the poor little lamb.

This is our first lamb, ever. Damn. (That would explain, though, why I had no idea what to do. Some things require some experience.)

Right when I was having a good cry about the poor little lamb Chong, the phone rang- our ducklings, goslings, and poults were at the post office! (We ordered them a month or so ago.) So that cheered me up.

Little Cuties.

Of course, one of the ducks died, too. What can you do?



Enjoy the living. 

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