Music Monday: Barko the Clown Dog

My uncle, Dennis C. Lee, wrote and played this song-- with several of my cousins, I believe. (I was supposed to be on the recording [fiddle- I would have played the part that is synthesizer in the beginning] but I wasn't in Pennsylvania at the time, so it didn't happen.) Since I didn't get into the recording, I somehow ended up creating the video. This was several years ago. I was still in my "Das Klique" period.

At the time, Dennis said we might get to be on the Conan O'Brien show and play this song. I guess he had some connections. I told my dad about it and he was like,

"You'll never get on Conan without being in the Musician's Union!"

Clearly, that is the only reason we weren't on Conan O'Brien.

Anyway, enjoy!

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