A Drawing a Day for 2016- Drawing #1

I don't know if I can really do this, but I would like to draw a picture every day in 2016. And post them here. Even if they are terrible.

I've had some experiences and conversations this year that have made me think I should do this.

1. I know someone who is friends with an artist who just died, and right before he died (when he was sick) he said, "My only regret in life is that I did not create more art."

2. My coloring book is still selling copies. With my other books, after over a month, people just stopped buying them. It was over. (Although Exhaust(ed) sometimes has little resurgences, but it's complicated.) And what is a coloring book? Pretty much just a bunch of drawings. So if I drew every day, I could take the best drawings and make them into coloring books.

3. I hurt my ankle back in September, and I'm not supposed to walk too much. I'm supposed to stay off of it as much as possible. So I thought that, instead of walking or running for fitness, I could draw and increase my skills in that area. And concentrate on healing that *ankle!

4. I've been following an artist on Facebook as she did a month of "a drawing a day," and it was fascinating. I loved looking at her drawings. I didn't even necessarily think they were good art (which is why I'm not saying her name) but the experience was fascinating. She wrote about the drawings, too, and why she drew them and stuff. I still look at her feed every day. So, maybe you would like looking at my drawings in the same why that I like looking at other people's? Or not. But it will be here, either way.

5. Meditation is good for your brain, and when I draw, I do go into that deep concentration, sometimes. I would like to increase my ability to do that, and increase my inner calm. And increase my ability to draw!

Here's drawing #1:

It's supposed to be a close up of a cedar tree. I don't know if it really looks like that? It was an interesting experiment in negative space. BAH teased me that I was, "wasting ink." He gave me the sketch book for Christmas, by the way. I love it! Thanks, BAH!

*More about what exciting things I've learned from my ankle in a future post!


  1. How long does it take you to do a drawing?

    1. It varies A LOT! Sometimes a half hour, sometimes four hours. Part of my goal is to get faster!

    2. This is a lovely start to the New Year. For you and for me. I can smell the cedar! So ... I bought your coloring book for my niece, but haven't given it to her yet b/c we made her the Coco doll (from Kiki and Coco book). I just decided I'm going to keep it for myself and color! It will be good for me to puzzle over the story thread, because I'm too literal--ha! One of these days when I visit MN I'm going to come down with Professor Batty and surprise you.

    3. I'm so glad you're still reading this! I wasn't sure. :) Enjoy the coloring book! And poetry.

  2. A very worthy and worthwhile enterprise. You go, girl! The first looks like it took a while...very nice. :)