And the Blog of the Year Award Goes to...

The best blog award** goes to Otto's Son.

A. Somehow, he makes the mundane interesting, which is a most difficult task, which brings me to B:
B. It's well written.
C. Jono writes about his father, who led a fascinating life. (Not that Jono's life isn't fascinating, but the past is fascinating, and um... yeah.)
D. It's funny.
E. The posts are varied.
F. It's everything I think a personal blog should be.
G. All of the above. 

You may write your correct answer in the comments. If you are wrong, you will feel really bad, and I won't respect you anymore. But by all means write your answer in the comments! I'll only judge you harshly. What do you have to lose?

I probably like it because I like Norway, I live not too far from Jono, we both have farms and have to shovel poop and stuff, I like corny humor... Anyway,

I love your blog, man! Thanks for writing it, Jono. Tusen Takk. I hope you keep it going for a long, long time! 

* Yes, that picture is totally over the top! Had to include it. I just like the blog, though- I don't even know Jono! 

** I'm sorry I totally dropped the ball on "Blog of the Month." I'm going to try my hand at "Blog of the Year" now. Maybe I can keep up with that!

Happy New Year, everyone! 


  1. Wow Shoshanah! I feel so unworthy, yet elated, that someone would think that highly of my relatively lame blog. It must be a mutual feeling because of the prominently displayed refrigerator magnet I received from you. Thanks!