Christmas Miracles

I'm doing the annual tradition of watching Christmas on Mars.
Made in Oklahoma. It's the only space movie where astronauts have teeth missing, and half the crew have a tell tale Oklahoma Southern accent. (And then Fred Amistad is in it, because he's a drummer?) It could be a bad movie, but it is saved by a near perfect soundtrack- and so it becomes our Christmas tradition. 

Three small miracles have occured today. They are all but small miracles, but so is Hanukkah. 

Miracle #1. For two months, I have been attempting to catch a clever rat. This rat has, on at least four occasions, eaten food in the traps and set them off without getting caught! Meanwhile, he has eaten lots of chicken and bunny feed--- until today. Today, I found that rat dead in a trap-- a Christmas miracle!

2. BAH started beer yeast going yesterday, but it was seven months old and completely dead. No bubbles. Then, at 8 PM tonight- a Christmas miracle! The beer yeast bubbleth over! It lives! There shall be beer! 

3. After a week of rain, it's snowing! 
Well, it's dandruffing at least. 

So, Santa's milk and cookies are waiting...

Wait.., did someone eat one?

 Oh, wait. I did.

Merry Christmas!