Vacationing to Other Dimensions

We're staying home this holiday season. In spite if the freezing rain last night, I insisted we go to the Frugal Muse Bookstore in Madison. Z got this Reader's Digest book about birds. I learned so much from Reader's Digest books, when I was a kid.

BAH satisfied his passion for astronomy with this book of Messier objects:

He clarified for me: these objects are not messy nor untidy in any way, but rather, they were found by a man named "Messier."

I got some books, too, but I continue to be most fascinated by this book I got BAH for Christmas:

I thought it was a book about Tai Chi, but it's actually about Chi Kung, which is very different. In Chi Kung, you release your internal chi superpowers by standing very, very still, like a tree, for long periods of time. Just to give you a taste:

Page 20. Other dimensions?! Telepathic powers?! These are mere side effects. The main goal is to be strong. It's just like a gym membership. 

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