13 Types of Floss

It was 6:50 AM. The school bus comes at 6:55, so I knocked on the bathroom door to get Z,

"Time to go!"

She came out and started putting her socks on.

"Do you know we have thirteen types of floss?" she said. "I wonder how we bought all those flosses?"

"Well, when floss is on the list, I buy it," I said.

"You really need to take floss off the list! We have thirteen different flosses!" I didn't really look at her closely until I gave her her glasses to put on.

"Why is your hair all matted? What were you doing in there? Go brush your hair!"

She went back into the bathroom, but then I realized the bus waits for no one.

"Never mind! Come put your snow pants on! The bus is coming!"

She made it to the bus on time.

If you see my eight year old daughter today, yes, her hair is matted on one side, yes, her teeth are unbrushed, and yes, she will be smiling with a smug sense of accomplishment, because she did carefully count and organize all of the flosses in our house this morning:

Thirteen different types. I don't think she flossed her teeth.


  1. Next time have her count how many rolls of moon floss are in the house. Maybe she'll become a math whiz!

    1. And she'll miss the bus. And forget to wipe.