New Chicks!

We got the "Choice Layers" mix from McMurray Hatchery. (Let's hope their "choice" isn't to not lay eggs!)

I'm pretty sure this one is a Polish Hen, (the kind in the coloring contest). That wasn't supposed
to be one of the choices, but I'm not complaining! They are cute, and nice, actually- the coloringcontest picture is entirely fictional. We can't keep them alive at our farm, though, because they like to wander off, far away from shelter, and that poof on top of the head blocks their vision, and the flying predators eat them. But, hey, we'll try again with this one-
and the other two they sent. (Look at my fine lady hands! :) My hands are so beautiful. I just host tea parties.)

Cute as can be, but too fast to catch on film.

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