Best of The Meaning Bot, Week 1

I created the MeaningBot42 Twitter Bot (using this tutorial) about a week or so ago. According The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series, the meaning of life is 42- but what is the question? This is the task the meaning bot is set to answer. It looks, from the tweets, that little MeaningBot42 is already a bit frustrated. But that's good. Perhaps it means she is close to an answer (or a question).
Less Spam, More Same Sex Marriage? I never knew Meaning Bot 42 felt this way.
I'll listen to you, Meaning Bot 42. I'm here.
You forgot your end quote and your comma after how, Meaning Bot 42, but I do like the sentiment that libraries teach us to fly, and not necessarily in one set way. Certainly, every book teaches you to fly, in some way.
Yes, it's a problem. Modern life. It is what it is.


  1. Meaning Bot has some real eye opener moments,for sure.

  2. It also comes up with lots of articles that haven't been written. If you ever get writer's block, read Meaning Bot's suggestions for articles supposedly written by famous people- but not. Then, you can write them!

  3. My 42: Although the earth is bigger, the moon is farther away.