How I Lost My New Year's Resolution and Won Summer

For me, summer has different responsibilities than the rest of the year, and her name starts with a Z. It's amazing how one small human can be so much more responsibility than fifty odd farm animals, but so it is. I didn't exactly keep my New Year's Resolution of drawing every single day, but I did keep the spirit of it, remaining creatively productive for most days.

For instance, I worked with Alex Bledsoe to finish The Tufa Coloring Book on time, and put that out mid-August.

And then there was this anthology, Ellipsis, that really came out of nowhere, wanting to publish my story. Which was great! Fine! Wonderful! So I just sent them the story, and watched in amazement as someone else published it. What is this? I thought. Wait, I don't have to do everything? I just write the thing and they do the rest? This is amazing! So that at least gives me the appearance of having done something over the summer, although I really wrote the story a while ago. (Did I ever mention that it came out? It's available! And it has no reviews yet, but I hear it's really funny. And all profits go to charity. How cool is that?)

And somehow, I also hosted several visitors, toured Portugal, and helped my daughter take her sheep, Candy Darling (named by me after that Candy Darling), to win Grand Champion Exotic Animal at the county fair! What a summer!

But now it's over. And I am back to drawing every day. Another book deadline draws nigh: I'm illustrating the children's book, "Murgatroyd Buttercups."

Yesterday, I was working on Murgatroyd's flying.

Murgatroyd flies

Murgatroyd Buttercups is due September 27th-ish. 


  1. Your story was one of the best in the book. I read it twice. Two of the other stories were unreadable, IMHO. There were only 3 that I really enjoyed, and yours was tops.

    Your latest drawing reminds me of Yellow Submarine. That's a good thing.

  2. With all you accomplished in Wisconson's very short summer, you are a hero! I am deeply awed and impressed.