Eccentricities, Continued... Apparently A Parent Lee

My father has a tendency toward excessive wordplay. (See the last entry's comments for examples of this.) This is something he has in common with his wife.

I'll never forget a drive I went on with them one night. I don't remember where we were going, but it was the journey, not the destination, which sticks in my mind. For this particular car trip, which happened at night, "The Parents" (as my stepsister always affectionately calls them) chose to don hats with blinking, battery-powered colored lights on them. They entered the vehicle giggling hysterically, both of them with their heads lit up like Christmas trees. I, a teenager of about fifteen at the time, was completely appalled, and begged them not the wear the blinking hats, but they only laughed harder. Once in the vehicle, the puns began,

"You look bright in that hat!"
"I have a colorful personality."
"Don't be a dim watt."

My groans went unheeded... for 45 minutes. They kept up an unbroken train of puns and wordplay for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES!!!!! And they were wearing blinking hats. Driving in the dark. Somewhere in Northern California. With me in the back seat. I felt that night that God had forsaken me.


  1. Ah...gotta love the stuff parents do to humiliate their children! ;)

  2. I don't even remember that you were in the car! Bwa-hahahahahahah!

    We wore those hats to La Honda, for a gig with UFOlogist Harry Moore and his band, The Landing Party. All we needed was a flying saucer to make the night complete.

    You were there? Do you wear a hat?

  3. I most definitely did not wear a hat. But was I there? I don't recall. I think you may have gone on a practice run before the actual night, and taken me along. Or maybe I was there. I'm not sure. I heard so much live music in my youth that I may have been there and I don't remember. I do remember the drive, though. I definitely remember the drive.

  4. Maybe you dropped me off at a friend's house on the way there?

  5. That would make sense. The gig was at Apple Jack's, and they definitely did not allow children. It was a biker bar.

    I think I still have those visors with the blinking lights.

  6. Ha! I can't believe that. Maybe you can wear them on Halloween!