"Musicians Who Like to Eat Nuts Are Just the Same as Terrorists"

I had a dream last night that I was supposed to host a radio show on WORT (our local community station). I was a little panicked, because they wanted me to host it from a laundromat, and I didn't have any records with me to play. Suddenly, Chris Wagoner (local musician and my fiddle teacher) came to help me out. I was so glad to see him! He agreed to man the mic while I went to fetch some records.

While I was gone, I could hear him playing a public service announcement which stated, "Musicians who like to eat nuts are just the same as terrorists." When I came back from getting the records, Chris was sitting there, eating nuts and reading a joke book into the microphone. It was one of those knock knock joke books that only little kids like, but Chris was laughing the whole time he was reading, almost choking on his nuts. He was having a grand old time, it looked like.

Then I woke up.


  1. You have the best whacky dreams! :)

  2. Wow.
    That's even better than the dream I had when I was a teenager, where I was being chased by a murderous witch, and she finally caught up to me and rendered me motionless. Then she reached out and twisted my neck around as if to snap my neck. At this point I woke up, and I had both of my own hands on the top of my head, and my neck was at an unnaturally turned angle.
    But like I said, yours is better.