I just cause trouble wherever I go.

I bring my own tote bags to the grocery store, which shouldn't be that big of a deal, but it seems to be. The baggers are usually put off by it. It's like I ruin their flow. But what's the big deal? I like my tote bags. They're really easy to carry, and of course, then I don't waste all of those bags all of the time.

I'm used to the dirty looks or awkwardness, but Sunday took the cake. There didn't appear to be a bagger present, so I started bagging the groceries myself. Then, the bagger showed up, gave me a dirty look (for doing her job for her?) and took all of my stuff out of the tote bags and rebagged it! And not only that, she rebagged it so that one bag weighed about forty pounds, and she left another huge tote bag empty. So, that was some bad service.

I would switch, but the other grocery store is just as weird.

I was there one time, and they had some promotion going where they gave you a coupon for some money off of gasoline. Well, I don't use gasoline, so I didn't want the coupons. The first few weeks this was going on, when I tried to not take the coupons, everyone looked at me like I was giving money away. The cashiers looked at me like, "What are you? An idiot?" So then, I just took the coupons one week. I gave them to Brian, but he couldn't use them because his scooter gets something like 80 miles per gallon and his work is only three miles away. Finally, the last time I shopped there, I told the cashier I didn't want the coupons. (It's a real big handful of paper. It sucks.) But then, the lady behind me said, "Hey, I'll take them!" So I said,
"Oh, good! Yeah, you can have them! I don't use them." But the cashier pursed her lips and ripped up the coupons in front of us, and said,
"If you don't leave the store with these coupons, no one does."
I swear to God that's what she said! She ripped the coupons into little bits and threw them in the trash, while the two of us (the lady behind me in line and I) looked on in amazed horror. I left the store in a daze.

And there you have it.


  1. Wow! You should have called for the manager and complained that this checker just tore up YOUR gas coupons. The noive!

  2. Freaks, all of them.

    I run into the awkward bag problem as well, but I just refuse to let anyone else bag my groceries once I have started. Some people can pack them acceptably, and if they don't seem too put off I will let them. But if there is not a bagger there when my order starts, I just jump in.

  3. My husband also suggested I talk to the manager- but I just don't do that. Having worked retail for so many years myself, I think someone would have to threaten my life before I talked to the manager.

    I just remembered, after I wrote this entry, that another grocery store just opened up nearby, and so I went there and they wouldn't take my check! They gave me a number to call, and the number said that my behavior matched that of someone writing a bad check. The noive!

    Of course, I didn't have money in the bank to back that check up or anything.

    I think, Gina, that you have more of that assertiveness that I so often lack among the grown up people. Good for you!