Qualifications and Bears

If you are a relative reading this, you are probably somewhat silly and obsessively musical. This entry has to do with the somewhat silly portion of your character (the obsessive musicality will be illustrated later). If you are not a relative, you are undoubtedly a person of highly refined tastes.

Lou had previously taken this picture with a bear:

Then, while visiting, we all found it necessary to pose with the bear (the bear who had magically moved, in spite of apparent lifeless qualities):


  1. (I was wondering where you were)

    Silly? Check.

    Obsessively musical? Check.

    Highly refined tastes? Double check.

    But how did the bear move? I wanna know! Don't leave me hanging.

  2. Love all those bear pictures!

  3. Well, I don't know how the bear moved! It just was in a different spot the next time Lou wen to the zoo!

    I'm glad you like them.