The Flasher

This is a really crappy picture of my dad carrying his pedal steel guitar down the street in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. I thought it was a funny thing to do, but I only had my phone to take a picture, and the lighting was poor:

You can see a bit of Aunt Lou carrying her guitar, too, if you look really closely at the left. Just after I took this picture, we rounded a corner and right there in front of us was a guy with his penis out, peeing on a fire hydrant, and a girl standing next to him saying, "Don't look." [Kennywood was TOTALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS!] I still had my phone out and considered taking his picture, but thought better of it, he being obviously insane or stupid. I did, however, take his picture from behind, and it came out even worse than the picture of my dad, but you can just make out the fire hydrant:

Three days later, we were driving home through the Blue Ridge Mountains, and I saw yet another unfamiliar penis. It was a teenaged boy peeing by the side of the road. I'm not against peeing on the side of the road per se, but this guy was facing the highway. I didn't get a picture of him.
I somehow doubt this is normal, even in The South. Strange karma. I must have urinated in public a lot in my last life.


  1. I had a guy pee in the bushes right outside my store the other day. I was all "Oh look, that guy is peeing" and my co-worker was "Yep, he is peeing." Now I spend my days re-creating the scene for poor souls who happen to wander in.

  2. Thanks for bringing THAT up again!