The Shocking Truth

If Facebook comments are to be believed, everyone is really shocked that Michael Jackson died today. But why should we be shocked? He didn't look so healthy, after all.

I think the real shock is simply the revelation that Michael Jackson, like the rest of us, was merely mortal. He wasn't either

A. a god,


B. some sort of humanoid/ robot, the successful result of autogenic dance moves involving skin grafts and a sparkling glove.

So, he was mortal, after all. It is shocking.

But what shocks me, actually, is not that Michael Jackson died today, but that Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon all died today. All of the icons of my childhood in one day! Who will give me unreasonable ideals of beauty, now? Who will show up at my door with balloons and a gigantic check? Who will make me wonder... well, a lot of things? I ask you, who?

Rest in peace.


  1. I confess that I mourned the loss of the 'real' Michael Jackson, whom we remember from the Jackson Five many years ago. I can't pretend that my immediate emotion upon hearing of adult MJs death was anything other than hope for his children that they could have normal lives and secure relationships, away from this deeply delusional narcissist. Let's pray the media can respect their privacy. Maybe Uncle Jerome could help out.

    Farrah Fawcett though - don't you just know she'd be livid that her obituary got bumped! She fought very hard. I feel very sad about her death. I once had a Farrah Fawcett dress up doll from a jumble sale which I adored.

    Surely there's still a few childhood heroes left in the bank though?

  2. I guess Ed McMahon died on Tuesday. Where was I? Well, all in one week, then.

    As for any still alive... well, there's always Miss Piggy.

  3. I figure that Michael Jackson died as a decoy to keep the paparazzi away from Farrah's funeral. It's the least he could do.

  4. Miss Piggy will never die. She's our solace in these trying times.