The Very Sturdy Trunk

1. Little Z.'s latest endeavor is to draw on all surfaces in the house with sidewalk chalk. She's going through her "Jackson Pollock" stage. It washes off easily, so I'm not worried. My favorite of her drawings are the ones on this old trunk, or "treasure chest" as my husband so delightfully calls it.

2. This old trunk has been in my family a very long time. It was probably my great-grandfather's trunk. Grandpa Alvin used to keep it in the garage in Joshua Tree. Once, after driving for two days from Colorado to visit him, we found him getting up off of the garage floor. The Ford was in a bizarre position. It had rammed the trunk into the wall of the house. The trunk was, essentially, half-way in the dining room. It had poked a hole in the drywall. Grandpa thought he had hit his head or blacked out while driving. Going inside, you could see the trunk in the dining room. Going in the garage, you could see the trunk in the garage, too. It was a little disquieting.

3. The old trunk had no visible wear from this endeavor, and later lived on to become a pallet for a creative 1 and 3/4 year-old.

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  1. Excellent work from Pollock Junior. I can see how chalk is a good choice of medium for such a prolific artist.