Eccentricities, continued from a long time ago

I used to have another blog, which I ended up deleting entirely, and that's when I started this blog. The reason I deleted the old blog was because some people I worked with got offended by a little series I did called, "eccentricities". This was when I wrote about family, friends, and coworkers (whoops- no more coworkers) and what made them special or extraordinary, interesting, mundane, or lovable. I felt that I was writing very kindly of people but, alas, someone took offense! (It wasn't, I should say, anyone I wrote about. All of those people were fine with my blog.)

I guess I didn't learn my lesson.

I'm currently visiting my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law. Do you know, my mother-in-law uses her mouse on her computer upside down? Always upside down. And they know the type of grass they have in the front yard: Zoysia grass. It's always all about the Zoysia grass here. Who knows these things?

I think I have to go now, because they are calling me. We learned a new game together: 500. It's quite fun. I've decided it's my new favorite game (a la my new theory of happiness, two posts ago), so I'm quite happy.


  1. I had forgotten about your eccentricities blog...I always enjoyed reading those. It's the eccentric people that make the world more fun! :)

  2. Of course, you have NO eccentricities at all, Holly! ;)