For Russian Video Game Lovers Everywhere

I had an especially talented bagger at the grocery store one day. I complimented her. She said that she enjoyed her job and,

"My favorite video game has always been Tetris."

"Ah, yes. It shows!"

Thanks, Dad.


  1. I like seeing the next piece in the upper right corner. Are you ready?

  2. that was so cool! i watched it twice, then made molly watch it.

    I was never very good at tetris. when the music started to speed up, i would always panic.

  3. You know you're a Tetris addict are sitting watching that video and yelling cos the "people pixels" are not going where you wanted them to! ;) I had to give up Tetris many years ago, I really was an addict. Although...I can fit three times more dishes in my cabinet and food in my freezer than any of the helpers I have had! ;)

  4. I enjoyed watching. Really. I love Tetris when I was younger. And now I often play hidden-object games from our collections of Download Games.