Follow Up Reports for the Devoted Reader

Little Z is saying "Thank You" a lot these days, and very often in the car. Sometimes, she says it quite militantly. It's almost a yell, really. I can't imagine why she would say it like that. On our recent road trip, she randomly started saying "thank you" for twenty miles or so. We then clapped and said "thank you" ourselves. Then she clapped and said "thank you". And on and on. The drive was a thousand miles. It was a great game. We were all stars in our own dramas, so to speak. And such appreciation!

I got a letter in the old fashioned post from Great-Grandma Ruth today. She writes, "I think Im really losing it- Can't find 2 little boxes of Total that I had. Strange."

I remembered what the lady in the shower note was about! I went to the gym one day, and I was signing Little Z into the Child Watch. You have to log where you will be in the building, as well as how long you will be there, and the age(s) of your child(ren). The woman in front of me had checked in three children, all under the age of 4. She put down that she would be gone for two hours (the longest duration permitted) and that her location in the building would be the shower. God is away on business.


  1. You should mail those boxed back to Ruth.

  2. That is going to give me nightmares.

  3. Tom Waits is an acquired taste.

    It would be funny to send back the Total boxes. It probably wouldn't cost much.

  4. Save the boxes of Total and send them back to GR for her 80th birthday in December-or better yet, deliver them, beautifully wrapped in person!