I don't have the time for a proper blog post that would describe all I have been doing for the past few weeks and the reasons I haven't written, so here is a list that will give you some hints:

1. "The chickens are eating the strawberries! The chickens are eating the strawberries! Go out there, Mommy! Quick!"

2. Fencing, fencing, fencing.

3. We have baby turkeys! Turkey babies are called poults.

4. The Wise Man's Fear and The Name of the Wind (I'm reading them in the wrong order, but I like it that way. Maybe everyone should read them in the wrong order!) This is the first time I have seen the cover art for these books, finding links for them, and I have to admit I would not have bought them by their covers, not ever! But I heard an interview with the author on public radio and my husband bought them for me for the Sony ereader, so I never actually saw a cover before I became completely, totally engrossed in them.

5. Student: "Allen- um- [Ginsberg], or that dude- whatever- he was gay?"
Me: "Yeah, that was on a slide a few slides back, yeah, he was gay."
Student: "I mean, he was really gay? And he's dead now? Like, he was really gay?"
Me: "Yeah, he was gay. He was gay a few slides ago, fifteen minutes ago I said he was gay and I'm pretty sure he stayed that way his entire life. Yeah. People tend to do that. Stay how they are. It's nice you pick up on details."

I don't know. I was really annoyed.

6. Wine, wine. Beer, beer. Sunny, warm, and lovely days off on the weekend.

7. "Hi egg lovers!

I have a system now for eggs:

If you want more eggs, please leave an egg carton with your name on it in my mailbox. I will fill it with eggs as soon as I can, and when I leave it in the refrigerator at school, I will send you an email reminder to pick it up. Money in the yellow envelope.

You may notice that the spring eggs taste a little richer than the winter eggs. That is because, now that the weather has warmed up a little, the chickens are venturing outside and eating bugs. When there is snow on the ground, they tend to stay inside and eat their store bought chicken feed, which gives the eggs an uncomplicated flavor. Now, the eggs are much more interesting, and I think better. Even some of the shells are a different color than before, with freckles.

Best regards,


8. Stinky cheese at lunch. Unspoken, "I'm more cosmopolitan than you are" competition.

9. "Nice spread." As in, nice farmette. Nice country home. Nice solar power. Nice duck pond, etc. I think I may have a series over the summer, "Nice Spread," in which I shall present pictures of my favorite local farms to look at.


  1. Are you using the new egg carton art?

  2. We just use other people's recycled egg cartons, so no. But I like it enough to use it, if we ever go larger scale! Free Range Love.

  3. Since some of us can't buy your eggs, how about doing the nice spread series. I like the idea.