The Next Book for Harry Potter Fans

I have been somewhat absent lately from the internet. I haven’t even been playing Lexulous on Facebook! That’s because I have been reading books, books of fiction, two in fact:

The Wise Man’s Fear


The Name of the Wind

by Patrick Rothfuss.

You’re supposed to read them in the opposite order, but I’m not one for conformity, and I’m not sure it matters that I read them backwards. I enjoyed them both a lot. I’m trying to think why they were such good reads- 1800+ pages total- and I realize that these books have a lot in common with Harry Potter. Teenage wizard? Yes. Orphan? Yes. General feel of being an outcast? Yes. Going off to a special school that teaches magic? Yes. Some sort of human yet not human supervillain who killed his parents? Yes. Three months or so of nudity and sex with a faery queen or something? Oh, wait. I guess that hasn’t got much to do with Harry Potter.

There’s also a pretty intense, slightly overblown love story. But still - great reading. I highly recommend it.

Now I just have to wait for the third book!


  1. I remember when the last HP book came out. I waited and waited. And then it finally arrived, and I read it all in one day. And then I called Holly and said, "Now what?" So this is a welcome blog entry. :)

  2. I woke up this morning wondering what Rowling was going to write next. Then I read this post. Hmmmmm