Livin' the Dream: Bees

We went and got the bees today! Reeseville is hard to find when every road to Reeseville is closed! I'm not kidding. Every road to Reeseville was closed. We feared the rapture really happened, but only in Reeseville. Drove close to 200 miles.

Little Z: "Are we going to wrong way? I think we are going the wrong way." We were supposed to drive 140 miles.

In the end, we just took a road that was closed. When we got there, there were lots and lots of people there to pick up bees. I had to wait 45 minutes in line with some Serbians. No one said a word about the detours - unless they said it in Serbian. I did hear, "Katastrof" quite a few times, which I assume means, "catastrophe." Or perhaps "Zombie Apocalypse" or even "the Rapture." Or maybe, "Look at that idiot lady in front of us." Hm...

On the way home, we had bees in the car. I mean, most of them were in the box, but we had some who tagged along outside of the box.

BAH: "I wonder what people think when they see all of these bees flying around in our car?"
Me: "I doubt they notice. Bees are small." What I was thinking, though, was I wonder if Little Z is allergic to bees?

The bees are nice, though. They didn't sting anyone in the car. They're all set in their new hive, now. We even went out to watch them later and saw them sting a robber bee several times and throw him off the edge!


  1. We had bees when I was a kid! I loved the honey. I also love bees, but I've been stung a couple times and I didn't like that part at all. But I did feel bad that the poor bees had to die.

  2. awesome! I always wanted bees. You should take some video.

  3. You had bees in the desert, Gina? There were enough flowers there? We're fretting a little about not having enough flowers in bloom here. Maybe that's silly.

    We'll take video soon.

  4. What well behaved bees you have! I would have been wondering if bees get car sick. Then I would have been wondering about bee sick. Probably that's what they put in those expensive face creams.

  5. There are tons of flowers in the desert!