Cross Blogging and Corn and other Fruity Ideas

Cross Blogging:

Teresa posted an email I sent to her on her Frog Blog. Teresa is the greatest blogger ever. (Except for you, if you have a blog, of course.)


A great pile of sweet corn was once again left on our back porch today (we are not in Colorado, actually- we were there last week). This happens every year (the corn, not the Colorado, although actually, maybe the Colorado) and sometimes even more than once. What wonderful person feeds us corn?


Since you now know we aren't really in Colorado, I will share the great tragedy of our trip. The watermelon is gone from the garden! There were at least three that should have been ripe. I was all ready to pick them when we got home. I had set a timed watering device to take care of them, watering every night for one hour. Little Z and I planted those watermelons from seed. From seed, mind you! (When we moved them out to the garden, she said, "Mom! They're not straight!") And I am to watermelon as diamonds are to a girl's best friend. If I were a Chinese official, I would be the most corrupt Chinese official, ever! I LOVE WATERMELON! Inquiries have produced nothing.

You Lucky Guy:

One lucky reader of this blog will receive a copy of They Might Be Giants' brand new album from 1990, "Flood" in the mail this week! Yay! The rest of you just hold your breaths. Next time, it may be you.

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